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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

We must understand our young people are hurting if we are to prevent the heartbreaking violence in Alice Springs.  

Children’s Ground stands against violence, including racial violence. We support measures to prevent further violence that do not discriminate against First Nations young people.  

We have deep, widespread grief across our communities with hundreds and hundreds of people affected by the loss of two beautiful young men. 

We have seen in recent weeks incredible cultural leadership as families work deeply to address the significant pain of tragedy. This commitment and leadership has prevented worsening violence. 

We support our young people at this time, recognising their pain and their need for compassion.

For our children, young people, families, and broader communities, we need change.

The state of emergency in Alice Springs arises from long term neglect and trauma resulting from decades of government failure. In First Nations communities across the country there is not enough investment, and the investment that is happening is not being directed to the right solutions.  

We are frustrated by the constant questions about ‘what to do.’ First Nations people continue to present solutions, year after year, decade after decade. 

Instead of listening and supporting these solutions, our people continue to be policed, institutionalised and criminalised. Our children are dying. Our adults are dying. Our community is in deep distress. Our young people are feeling this pain.  

The impact of trauma is pervasive, complex and permeates every aspect of life.  

Governments must invest in whole scale prevention at a community level, run and led by community.  

The families of Children’s Ground designed a 25-year strategy delivering on education, employment, health, culture and community. This strategy invests in our communities over the long term, for the wellbeing of future generations of young people. We know this will work if committed to by government.  

We are encouraged by recent discussions Children’s Ground has had with the Australian Government. 

We must create dignity, opportunities, and systems that are culturally designed and effective. It is time now to invest in our children and young people and our culture.