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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

Leaving a gift in your will to Children's Ground is an incredibly powerful way to make a lifelong difference to First Nations children and their communities - and it's simpler than you might think.  


Once you’ve ensured your family and loved ones are taken care of, you have a unique chance to create a legacy. By extending your kindness beyond your lifetime, you can ensure future generations of First Nations children have the opportunities they deserve.  

If you choose to include Children’s Ground in your will, there are different kinds of gifts you could consider:  

  • A ‘residuary gift’ is a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all your other bequests have been fulfilled.
  • A ‘specific gift’ is a certain dollar amount.  
  • A ‘specific asset’ is a particular item, like shares or property.

Suggested will wording

When you’re ready to remember Children’s Ground in your Will, we suggest the following wording:

I give Children’s Ground Ltd (ABN 741 544 03086) of Gate 3, 2 South Terrace, Alice Springs, NT, 0871, a gift of (insert your choice of either a specific amount or a % figure of your residuary estate) for its general purposes.

*Note: The language supplied is solely a sample. It is advisable to seek advice from your estate planner or legal counsel for  personalised guidance.

While there’s no requirement to inform us if you decide to include Children’s Ground in your Will, letting us know allows us to provide you with relevant information and express our gratitude for your extraordinary act of generosity.

Bequest Online

Consider leaving a bequest for Children’s Ground through the convenience of online platforms like Willed or GatheredHere. These user-friendly platforms make the process of creating a legally-binding Will simple and accessible, allowing you to do it from the comfort of your home.

This thoughtful gesture is a straightforward way to create a lasting impact on the future of First Nations children and their communities. Your generosity can play a significant role in advancing our mission.

GatheredHere      Bequest Willed

Get in touch with us

For a private and confidential discussion about supporting Children’s Ground through your Will, feel free to reach out directly to Brigitte Johnson, Partnership Specialist, on 0405 538 772 or at  

Children’s Ground Ltd is a registered First Nations Charity.