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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

A dual governance structure: cultural and corporate governance

Our Governance

Balancing cultural and corporate governance ensures that we have the cultural integrity, community leadership, and organisational quality and standards to achieve real change.

  • Our Cultural Governance Committees have 100% First Nations membership. They provide both local and national leadership and ensure that cultural integrity and authority is honored and upheld.
  • Our corporate board has over 50% First Nations membership and directorship. It provides guidance and oversight in line with Western principles and practices.

First Nations governance and Western corporate governance are equally important.

Children's Ground is different to other organisations because it is run by us – our Elders, our families and all the community. We speak with our own strong voices. Ingkerrekele Arntarnte-areme (Children's Ground Central Australia Governance Committee)

First Nations Governance

First Nations governance systems are complex and sophisticated relational systems, which contrast with hierarchical western structures.

They are collective. They are underpinned by land, law, language, culture, relationships and kinship with one another.

Our First Nations Governance is specific to each region and to each community, recognising unique First Nations Governance principals and practice.

They provide local leadership and ensure cultural integrity is upheld. 

Our Cultural Governance
The Land, the people, the story – that’s our Governance. MK Turner, OAM

Board of Directors

Our corporate governance is upheld by our First Nations-majority board of Directors.

They focus on compliance, standards, risk and strategic oversight, in line with both Western and First Nations principles and practices. The board supports local leadership through expertise in organisational strategy, corporate governance, cultural governance, financial management, research, law and not-for-profit leadership. 

Our Board

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Cultural Governance