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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

We want Children’s Ground to come for our children. We need Children’s Ground.  Children’s Ground listens to all of us. They spend time with each family. They know that we all want similar things for our children and families. This is how it should be. This is what we need. Knuckey Lagoon Community Members

What happens at Wurdurd Garriyigarrmerren

At a glance

In Marlkawo, 100% of learning happens on Country

Morning sessions focus on Western learning, such as literacy and numeracy, and afternoons are all about cultural learning.

37 people were employed in the remote outstation of Marlkawo in 2019

Before, there we no other employment opportunities.

Walk with us. Donate to Children’s Ground today or check out our books in First languages.

Karridjarrkre manborlh mankudji (Walking together on one path)

In the Top End of the NT, our families are creating a different future for the next generation of kids.

In Garramilla (Darwin), three communities are building Children’s Ground around their needs and aspirations. Here, we’ve begun early implementation of the five Children’s Ground platforms – all centred around the kids and supporting our communities to be amazing places.  

Delivery of early learning, health promotion and after school activities are happening across three Town Camps, alongside employment and emerging enterprise opportunities.

In the Top End of the NT we are led by communities on Larrakia Country in Garramilla (Darwin) and Bolmo Country: 

  •  Marlkawo (West Arnhem Land) 
  • Knuckey’s Lagoon (Town Camp, Garramilla) 
  • 15 Mile  (Town Camp, Garramilla) 
  • Minmarama  (Town Camp, Garramilla) 

First Nations educators are collaborating with Western-trained teachers to deliver high-quality Early Childhood education in the communities where kids live. 

We integrate play, art, language, culture, literacy and numeracy into every session, with a strong focus on health.

Kids learn about nutrition through caring for our community garden, preparing healthy meals and gathering bush tucker on Country.

Most importantly, children we able to access all of this in their community, where they live – surrounded by family who are working, loving and learning too. 

Marlkawo (West Arnhem)

Under the leadership of Bininj families, Marlkawo started Children’s Ground in 2018. 

Marlkawo is extremely remote – a 12-hour drive from Darwin and shops, health care and early childhood services are a three-hour drive away. Accessibility is limited to the Dry Season as the roads wash out during the Rainy Season. 

Despite these challenges, Marlkawo is a place of incredible cultural life. We know that health, learning and employment outcomes are better when families live on their own lands.

In the Dry Season, we run learning sessions six days per week with 100% of learning taking place on Country.

Each day begins with a physical activity, like a race on the airstrip or a swim in the fresh water. Morning sessions focus on Western learning, such as literacy and numeracy. Afternoons are comprised of cultural learning – First Language lessons, trips on Country, storytelling and collecting bush tucker.

In every form of learning, First Nations and Western-trained educators work together. 

Every time I go to sleep, I think about Children’s Ground. It’s on my mind. When I start working again everything is for the kids. Cecily Djandjomerr, Wurdurd Garriyigarrmerren Co-director