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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

On the ground in communities, the Children's Ground Approach delivers the following services, referred to as the integrated 'Learning, Wellbeing and Development platform' (LWD platform)

Learning and Wellbeing

Akaltye-irreme Unte Mwerre Anetyeke:
Children’s Ground, learning privileges a child’s First Language and culture as the foundation for education.
Early Years learning is delivered on Country through the leadership of our Elders and cultural educators, alongside Western-trained teachers. Children experience an education that spans both First Nations and Western learning systems. Our kids are growing up strong in utnenge (spirit) and confident to be First Nations people in a global world. 

We’re seeing lots of big changes for the kids in our community through Children’s Ground. Now they know what bush medicine is, and where their Homeland is. They feel more comfortable with who they are and where they come from. It's changed their little lives. Cassandra Neil, Arrernte Early Years Educator

Health and Wellbeing

Kunburrk Kadberre karrinahnarren ba minj karri:

Tyerrtye Mwerre Anetyeke:
Health is integrated into every aspect of Children’s Ground so that entire communities can experience health and wellbeing. We are starting early with our Maternal and Child Health program and our nutrition program. We deliver family health promotion, social and emotional wellbeing both in learning session and within community. Food security and environmental health are also a key focus. First Nations health practices are being strengthened and revitalised as central to children’s wellbeing. We understand the impact of complex trauma and we work with children and families to respond to trauma. Eighty-nine per cent of families have reported that children’s emotional health is better or much better through engagement with Children’s Ground.

The way we think about health at Children’s Ground is through our holistic First Nations perspective. We are taking health back to the people and making sure our families know and control their health story. Felicity Hayes, Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe Co-Director

Economic Development and Wellbeing

Mwerrentye Warrke Irretyeke:
Our vision is for all communities to enjoy economic wellbeing and financial independence. We are breaking down barriers to employment in our communities and providing training, leadership development and culturally-safe work opportunities for everyone. We have employed 260 First Nations people since 2014 – many who have never worked before. We are creating further income and development opportunities through social enterprises that celebrate language and culture.


It gives them an opportunity to be a part of something. Be a part of Children’s Ground and work. This could be the first time for a person, that has never had a job in their lives and it builds their confidence too. First Nations staff / family member

Creative and Cultural Development and Wellbeing

Arne Mpwaretyeke, Mwantyele Antirrkwetyke:
In our communities, culture is embedded into all aspects of life – so this is what we do at Children’s Ground. Kids are learning on Country in their First Language. Families are reigniting traditional dance practice and baby smoking ceremonies. Arrernte educators are creating books, songs and digital resources in First Languages. We are guided by our Elders who are passing on knowledge to the next generation. 


There is so much deep cultural knowledge that needs to be shared with the next generation. We need to bring back those old ways of doing things. To see it happening in our community with the support from Children’s Ground just makes us so proud. Purina Anderson, Arrernte Health Specialist

Community Development and Wellbeing

Tyerrtye Areye Mwerre Anetyeke:
Community Development at Children’s Ground is all about creating places of safety and inclusion. We want our communities to thrive culturally, socially and economically. To guide this work, each community has its own Cultural Governance Committee. Family nights, community celebrations and Learning on Country camps allow us to create spaces of joy and connection.


Every time I go to sleep, I think about Children’s Ground. It’s on my mind. When I start working again, everything is for the kids. Cecily Djandjomerr, Wurdurd Garriyigarrmerren Co-Director

Walk with us. Donate to Children’s Ground today or check out our books in First languages.

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