In the heart of Australia, Arrernte families are creating a new future for the next generation. A future full of opportunity and hope.

“We want a place where our children are safe, where they can grow up to be healthy, educated and have a better future. Children’s Ground is the place for them. We are seeing our kids learning and loving to learn. Their families are walking beside them. We have hope for the future.” – Lorrayne Gorey, Senior Arrernte Educator

481 First Nations people engaged with Children's Ground in Central Australia in 2019

199 First Nations children (0-8 years old) engaged with early years learning in Central Australia in 2019

81 First Nations people employed since 2016. For some, this is their first chance at employment

5 children's books published in 2019 in both First Language and English

The Children’s Ground Approach was developed with Arrernte Elders and leaders in Alice Springs.

Following initial work in 2011, Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe began formal operations in 2016. We started as a small group of passionate Arrernte educators who delivered weekly learning activities. Today, we work in four communities, delivering our Learning and Health platforms. Key elements of our other three platforms are incorporated in our work. A fifth community has requested Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe and we will begin early operations in 2020.

Learning is delivered on country and at our Central Hub. These sessions focus on both Arrernte and Western educational priorities. For example, children learn First Language and Culture and Western literacy and numeracy.

Our team in Central Australia published 5 books in 2019. These books are an example of what can be achieved when community leads the way. Each book is in English and First Language and is used as a learning resource.

Our no-barriers approach to employment gives the unemployed a chance to enter the workforce. We have a staff of over 60 Aboriginal people who work in a variety of areas. This includes education, health promotion, administration and leadership.

Governance meetings are held on a weekly basis for planning and decision-making. These meetings are critical for the design and delivery of the Children’s Ground Approach. As each community has specific priorities and needs, each has their own leadership team.

“We’ve been following government nearly all our lives – this is a new beginning. We are following a new path, our own path as First Nations people for the future of our children. At Children’s Ground, the community is taking the lead. We are very proud of that. We are the government of ourselves.”

MK Turner OAM, Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe Director