‘The legacy of Mabo today’

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‘The legacy of Mabo today’ With Felicity Hayes, Renee Phillips, Camille Dobson and William Tilmouth, Facilitated by Corinne Grant
Eddie Koiki Mabo fought for ten years and achieved historical recognition of land rights for his people and for all First Nations people in Australia.
In conversation, we had the privilege of discussing the Mabo decision and what land rights means today. We heard from Traditional Owner of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), Felicity Hayes about her 40-year fight for tenure over a small portion of her land, Irrkerlantye, despite having Native Title and being recognised as a traditional owner.
Felicity was joined by fellow Children’s Ground staff, Camille Dobson, Arrernte woman and lawyer Torres Strait Islander young leader Renee Phillips and Children’s Ground Chair William Tilmouth.
This panel was facilitated by Corinne Grant, lawyer, human rights advocate and comedian. Together discussed the lasting impacts of the landmark Mabo case, and what Native title laws, land rights and traditional ownership means today.

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Screen conversation here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thelegacyofmabotoday

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