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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

Join Dan SultanChildren’s Ground, and Fender® Music Australia to raise funds and awareness for Children’s Ground Ampe-mape Alyelheme (Kids Sing) music program. This year’s Art Guitar Raffle features the work of First Nations multidisciplinary artist Salty One.


You can win:

💛 This unique art guitar, valued at over $3000
💛 2x tickets to the upcoming Dan Sultan tour, up for grabs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney


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Over the last two years, the Fender guitar art pieces created by First Nations artists Otis Carey and Niah McLeod (2021), Kiya Watt and Kirli Saunders (2022), and David Cragg (2023) and have raised $35,000, which supports the Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe, Arrernte musician-led program operating in Central Australia.

The program’s mission is to engage children, young people and adults in music, to create learning resources through new First Language songs and to protect and increase the visibility and accessibility of First Nations languages. In 2022, with the support of Australian musicians Emily Lubitz and Harry Angus, community members wrote, recorded and released their first singles, Tyerrtye Atyinhe (My Body)/ Akaperte Pwerlepe (Heads Shoulders) and Werte!, a guitar-lead educational, children’s song teaching greetings and hand signals, sung in the Eastern/Central Arrernte language. These are the first songs of an album Ampe-mape Alyelheme (Kids Sing), to be released later this year.

About Salty One's Lowell Hunter

Lowell Hunter is a proud Nyul Nyul Saltwater man from the Kimberley’s in Western Australia, who grew up on Gunditjmara Country in Warrnambool, and now lives on Wathaurong Country, Geelong. Although far apart, each of these special places have kept Lowell strongly connected to the ocean his whole life. 

Lowell creates sand art and uses drone photography to capture the scale of his works within breathtaking landscapes, which all started simply, as a way for him to get out and connect with culture, Country and sea. 

Using only his feet, Lowell carves stories into the sand using the same foot movements he was taught through Traditional dance movements his people have practised for countless generations. Lowell’s artworks tell stories of family, identity and connection


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Learn more about Children's Ground

The Children’s Ground Approach is a 25-year strategy. We focus on prevention, early intervention and empowerment rather than crisis and deficit. We are implementing a system that recognises and privileges First Nations governance, solutions and systems of knowledge. We complement this with western and global practice. 

We address the key economic, social and cultural determinants needed for lasting change. 

We invest in prevention and the future of our children.  

Our children, families, and communities are the experts.  Our voice and talent will create change.  

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