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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons.

Utyerre Apanpe

Utyerre Apanpe (First Nations Educators’ Network) is a new national network of First Cultural educators leading reform in education

For decades, Elders have been calling for recognition of a First Nations learning system that has been successfully practiced on this continent for millennia. Dr M.K. Turner OAM

About Utyerre Apanpe

The Utyerre Apanpe Network provides the space to share First Nations pedagogy, curriculum, standards, and practices in our learning environments underpinned by culture, language, and country. Coming together through Utyerre Apanpe gives experienced educators from many nations the opportunity to join their voices, vision, and support for each other to achieve the change we have been seeking for over 50 years.

As a national network, we have three priorities:

  1. Cultural empowerment, support, sharing and practice – to come together and support our First cultural educators in their cultural, professional practice through connecting and having time to restore our spirits.
  2. Creating a First Nations led education system run by our people that is fully recognised and supported by the Australian Government as a legitimate system of education.
  3. A national body that holds our cultural standards and provides the resources and support to First Nations communities across the country to establish their learning systems aligning with their country, leadership, and governance from their communities.
The logo looks like a planet looking down from the sky with a one big shiny eye with a light shining from every corner of the communities indicating that these communities need greatest support. 'Language is our Power' strength to strength, hand to hand, head-to-head, foot by foot physically, mentally and spiritually to 'SAVE OUR CHILDREN.'
First Nations educators hold knowledge and practices that have been passed on through generations and since before time…we hold the future for our next generations. We recognise our children as being wonderful and engaged learners. We recognise our systems of teaching and education as leading and best practice. We recognise the importance of families and communities in educating our children. Education must be designed by our communities and delivered in our homelands and our communities by our people. We recognise our responsibilities and the role of our elders and our ancestors. Utyerre Apanpe, October 2019

Latest update from Utyerre Apanpe Forum 2023

The government education system is failing our children – it does not see their strengths or identity…or the damage that is happening to our children too often in the mainstream system. Utyerre Apanpe, October 2019

Kele Mwerre to those organisations that have supported the Utyerre Apanpe forums and the opportunity for First Nations educators to gather and discuss system reform of the education sector.