Children’s Ground is an organisation led by Aboriginal communities. We are creating a new future for children filled with promise, hope and empowerment.

How We Work

We work with children, families and communities that face the greatest exclusion and live with injustice and disadvantage every single day.

This is Australia’s greatest humanitarian failure and it is preventable.

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The Children’s Ground Approach is creating a different future. A future filled with possibility, opportunity, strength and justice. And it is working.

Children’s Ground follows a strong vision, strategy, principles and values. We are building an evidence base, through a 25-year longitudinal evaluation oversighted by national experts to create systems change. Children’s Ground was formally established in 2011 after decades of work in Central Australia and was incubated by the Australian Government.

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We recognise the expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems that have evolved for over 65,000 years. We are inspired by the talent and leadership of local people. We integrate cultural knowledge with international leading practice to enable excellence in learning, wellbeing and development for everyone.

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We see the people, not the ‘problem’. We are led by elders, grandparents and parents who have been waiting for their voices to be heard and their solutions to be realised and want a different future for their children.

We honour children and their brilliance, and their right to safety, love, and the very best of life.

We are the children, the families and the communities who make up Children’s Ground.

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