Children’s Ground is a 25 year systems change agenda.
It is not an organisation, it is an agenda which says we have to completely smash the current system.

Utyerre Apanpe (First Nations Educators’ Network) is an initiative of Children’s Ground, leading National reform in education.

The network is led by Cultural Professors and senior educators from First Nations communities across the country. Together, hey are implementing a national strategy to improve the educational outcomes of First Nations children.

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Children’s Ground are proud impact partners of In My Blood It Runs. This groundbreaking documentary dispels the conventional myths of failure, trauma and dysfunction of First Nations families and instead amplifies the determination, strength and love that is so often exempt from our screens.

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The Children’s Ground approach is underpinned by research and experience and is tracked through a 25-year longitudinal evaluation.Our evaluation has Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval and is guided and overseen by a national Research Advisory Group, consisting of experts in child development, health and wellbeing, family wellbeing, systems research and community-led research and development.

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