Children’s Ground’s Learning & Wellbeing platform is the first of its kind in Australia


It is innovative, yet simple.


Too many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are failing in mainstream education in Australia – either because they cannot access education or because the education that is offered sets them up to fail.

  • Children learn better in their First Language
  • Children learn better if they are confident and feel as though they belong
  • Children learn better if what they are learning reflects their identity and world view

“When taught first in their own languages, children learn better, are more self-confident and transfer their literacy and numeracy skills to additional languages. Children who start formal education in a second or foreign language are much more likely to experience frustration and failure, resulting in higher dropout rates for these children.”

– UNESCO 2012

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education systems are over 65,000 years old and are recognised in global leading practice.

The Children’s Ground Learning & Wellbeing platform privileges a child’s First Language and culture as the foundation of learning. From this, we build a learning experience that embraces identity, knowledge, emotional literacy, creative thinking and physical, social and cultural wellbeing.

Children develop the skills and knowledge that allow them their identity as Aboriginal children in a global world.

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The Children’s Ground Learning & Wellbeing platform includes:

  • First Nations and Western education systems
  • Curriculum and resource development
  • Learning both on Country and in a community setting
  • Teaching First Language & English
  • Delivering where children live
  • First cultural educators and Western trained educators
  • Elders and family involved in children’s learning
  • Specialist educators in music, arts, health, languages, psychology, digital and new technologies
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