In Aboriginal cultures, health is connected to all aspects of wellbeing 

Our health and wellbeing platform includes:

  • Cultural Health Systems
  • Maternal and Child Health Promotion
  • Family Health Promotion
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing

In 2018, Children’s Ground published Utnenge, Tyerrtye, mwarre atnyenetyeke iltye tyerrtye urrperle – kenhenge: Health in the Hands of the People

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This framework guides our work across the entire platform, which joins First Nations knowledge systems with Western health approaches.

1. Personal and Community Agency The foundational component for the delivery of the Framework is ‘consumer agency’: the control and empowerment of individuals, families and communities over their health and wellbeing.
2. Family Health Promotion Family health promotion includes the child, family and community and is based on key relationships between children and families, where they live, their language and context.
3. Cultural Knowledge Systems The Framework promotes First Nations cultural health and knowledge systems and practices in their own right with their own integrity, alongside Western health practices.
4. Social and Emotional Wellbeing The Framework provides holistic support for people’s social and emotional wellbeing and mental health that focuses on their strengths and responds to their trauma.
5. Maternal and Child Health Promotion Given the importance of the early years (starting pre-birth) for long-term health and wellbeing, the Framework has targeted support for maternal and child health promotion.
6. Community and Environmental Health Promotion The Framework recognises that the health of a child and their family is significantly affected by their living environment and the wellbeing of their community.
7. Partnerships Addressing the social determinants of health requires effective cross-sector partnerships; Children’s Ground collaborates with other health, housing and community service organisations to assist people and families in meeting their health and wellbeing needs.
8. Evaluation The Children’s Ground 25-year evaluation framework includes a particular focus on long-term health outcomes for children with the broader context of child, family and community health and wellbeing outcomes.

Health in Learning

We include health promotion in our learning activities so that it becomes part of everyday routine. This includes:

  • Teaching healthy routines such as brushing teeth, cleaning sores and washing hands
  • Physical activity
  • Developing healthy eating practices by providing nutritious meals and snacks
  • Spending time on Country
  • Creating individual health & wellbeing plans with families