Creating a local workforce is central to our Economic Development & Wellbeing platform

Our long term strategy is for all children to be successful in their education and enjoy a healthy life and economic independence

To achieve this we provide:

  • Quality educational Cultural and Western curriculum
  • Employment of young people and adults in the community in meaningful jobs
  • Cultural and Western skills employment
  • No-barriers approach to employment
  • Training and career development
  • Leadership training
  • Financial and consumer literacy
  • Health and Wellbeing support

To date, this approach has resulted in:

  • The employment of 97 First Nations people (2019 only)
  • The creation of music, arts and books enterprises
  • Long-term unemployed accessing meaningful employment and training opportunities
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First Nations staff work in a variety of areas. This includes teaching, health promotion, governance, evaluation, resource development, community development and administration. Most staff have either never been employed or were long-term unemployed. We support people to enter or re-enter the workforce through our flexible approach.

Staff can move from voluntary work to casual and then to a fixed term variable contract. They are given the chance to try different roles to see what they enjoy. Our approach is also culturally sensitive. We respect cultural obligations and the time required to fulfil them.

Social enterprises also provide income opportunities and a chance to celebrate First Culture. Our current enterprises focus on music and learning resources. Both have received national recognition. We are expanding into other areas and creating new opportunities.

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