Community Development & Wellbeing is about creating places of safety and inclusion.

We back the aspirations, ideas and strengths of each community we work with.

Our Community Development & Wellbeing platform centres on local governance. Each community has its own leadership team. These teams guide the way we design, deliver and evaluate our work.

Each team is based on cultural kinship. It ensures the appropriate people lead the way. It also gives future leaders a chance to learn from Elders. Such teams ensure Children’s Ground is truly owned and run by the community at a local level.

One of our guiding principles is ‘Whole of community, in community’. We build the social, cultural and economic capital of each community we work in by delivering services where people live.

Community and Learning Centres are key to the Children’s Ground Approach. Some of our communities already have centres on-site while others do not. Still, Children’s Ground brings learning to where people live by delivering learning outside or creating a place for learning with the community.

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Children’s Ground’s Community and Learning centres are intergenerational. They act as a place for people to interact over the course of everyday life and provide a wide range of functions for community, including:

  • Local Governance and Leadership
  • Community Safety
  • Social and Cultural Meeting Places
  • Comprehensive Learning and Wellbeing across generations including:
    • Early Childhood Learning Wellbeing and Development 
    • Childhood Learning Wellbeing and Development
    • Youth engagement and support
    • Adult engagement and support
    • Nutrition and Health Promotion
    • Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Referral support
  • Resource Centre
  • Employment & Economic opportunities
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Activities take place in each community and at our Central Hub. Family nights, community celebrations and overnight camps on Country are also featured.

Creating vibrant community centres allows families to build the social and cultural capital where they live, with their children.

Children’s Ground is working to establish centres in all communities.