A Radical Approach

We know change is possible when communities lead the way. We are creating a different future with the next generation of Aboriginal children.

The Children’s Ground model has been developed to influence national reform

It is not a one-size-fits all approach. It is not a quick fix.

Our 25-year approach focuses on key areas that are fundamental to life-long wellbeing for every child. We aim to evidence what can be achieved when the system is designed for and with the people it serves. This evidence is used to advocate for systems change. We are promoting national reform for policy and practice in the following key areas: integrated delivery, health promotion, early years learning, education, employment and governance.

How are we different?

We work across 5 intersecting platforms: learning, health, economic wellbeing, culture and community.

Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) are based on an integrated system of knowledge and practice. These systems lead our work. Integration includes First Nations and Western/international leading practices working together. This ensures children have the very best throughout life. With their First Culture and language at the heart of all that they do, children obtain skills that create local, national and global opportunities.

Children’s ground 5 Platform Areas

Learning & Wellbeing

Early childhood learning, innovative schooling, after-school and holiday programs, extra-curricular activities.

Family Health & Wellbeing

Health promotion, social and emotional wellbeing, child and maternal health, nutrition, environmental health.

Economic Development & Wellbeing

Employment, training, mentoring, financial literacy, enterprise development.


Community Development & Wellbeing

Local governance, safety, community development, social and cultural capital, celebration.

Creative and Cultural Development & Wellbeing

First Nations knowledge systems: song, story, art, health, land, ceremony



Our Expected Outcomes

A generation emerges strong in their culture and thriving in the modern, global world.

First languages flourish across generations.

Local and national reform supports First Nations education, health, employment and governance.