Last week, Arrernte children from Mpweringke Anapipe in Central Australia had an incredible day of learning, immersed in their culture, song and dance, on Country at Althateme.

Children’s Ground Elder and educator MK Turner OAM brought an exuberance to the day – singing Arrernte songs as she arrived to work in the morning and carried this energy through the entire day. These are the old songs – the songs of land and country. She sang in the car; she sang for the children – she even woke up singing the next day.

At Althateme, the next generation of Arrernte educators stepped up to guide the young girls in learning anthepe (Arrernte girls dance). MK continued to provide guidance, singing the songs and making sure everyone was following the correct cultural way.   

Learning on Country at Althateme was a rich day of cultural education for children and families, with MK inspiring everyone and reminding us of her important culture knowledge as an Arrernte professor. 





“You learn really well when you’re on your homeland because country looks after you when you’re learning.”

MK Turner OAM.



Children’s Ground ambassador Missy Higgins who was visiting Ampe-Kenhe Ahelhe (Children’s Ground Central Australia), was invited to join in on the dance at one point.

Missy later shared her reflections of visiting Children’s Ground and Arrernte Country on social media saying:  

“I’ve been here as an Ambassador Children’s Ground which is an incredible organisation, that’s First Nations led working with communities to get their kids back on country, to strengthen culture.. I met a lot of very senior elders who were basically writing these curriculums and these books of ways to teach their kids their culture and teach them pride and strength and a sense of autonomy…” 

“The idea of children’s ground is really to collate all this data and information… and create a blueprint for all around Australia, for different communities and ways to allow our First Nations brothers and sisters to connect back to their culture and get back to their land. And to bring these kids up with a real sense of knowing who they are, and knowing where they belong and knowing where they come from.” 

“I’ve got to meet so many incredible people and hear about how Children’s Ground has just helped them facilitate teaching their kids in the way they want to teach their kids, and just doing so much listening… letting these amazing strong women lead the way.”  – Missy Higgins