January 26th is a day of mourning for many First Nations people.

First Nations children, families and communities lived on these lands for millennia.

Sovereignty was never ceded.

Today, others enjoy these lands while First Nations people struggle for rights and justice.

How can you give back?

We have compiled a list of initiatives to support, films to watch and readings to further your knowledge and stand in solidarity with First Nations people.

Four important Aboriginal initiatives to support as we approach January 26th

SEED | Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Seed is Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. Follow their work.  Aboriginal communities are disproportionately impacted by climate change. It is already 2 degrees hotter on average in the NT than in anywhere else in Australia. Currently over 85% of the NT is covered in oil and gas exploration licenses. Sign SEEDMOB’s petition asking for a complete ban on fracked shale gas in the Northern Territory. Sign the petition

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Donate to an organisation you align with

Set up a regular donation to an Aboriginal led organisation such as Children's Ground.

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Currently, children as young as ten are being forcibly removed from their families and incarcerated across Australia, another issue which disproportionately impacts Aboriginal families.  In 2019 almost 600 children aged 10 to 13 were in detention in Australia. 65% of these children were Indigenous, despite Indigenous people comprising just 3% of Australia's total population across all age groups. 

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Support a First Nations owned business

Ngarrimilli supports First Nations businesses artists and creatives drive enduring and sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic development

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5 films to watch before January 26th

High Ground

Set against the raising natural beauty of the Northern Territory’s 1930s Arnhem Land, High Ground chronicles young Aboriginal man Gutjuk, who in a bid to save the last of his family teams up with ex-soldier Travis to track down Baywara —the most dangerous warrior in the Territory, who is also his uncle.

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Homeland Story

Homeland Story is a feature documentary about Donydji, (pronounced doy-n-ji), a small remote Indigenous community in North East Arnhem Land in the far north of Australia. Homelands are situated on the traditional land of the people who live there. They are of central importance to their identity and culture.

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In My Blood It Runs

Ten-year-old Dujuan is a child-healer, a good hunter and speaks three languages. As he shares his wisdom of history and the complex world around him we see his spark and intelligence. Yet Dujuan is ‘failing’ in school and facing increasing scrutiny from welfare and the police

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Water Is Life

Water is Life is a documentary about the Aboriginal communities fighting against fracking plans in the NT. They learn from First Nations brothers and sisters in the US who are suffering the effects of greedy oil and gas companies, and call on you to join their fight.

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John Pilger investigates Australia's dysfunctional relationship with Indigenous Australians by focusing on the practices of 225 years of popular media, big business, police forces and governments.

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4 readings essential for further education in 2021