On National Close the Gap Day, we are highlighting the action needed to address the gaps in opportunity and outcomes between First Nations and non-First Nations people. We are acknowledging injustice and advocating for equity between First Nations and non-First Nations people.  

The Australian Government’s National Agreement on Closing the Gap includes a series of priority reforms that seek to change the way that governments work with First Nations people. But at Children’s Ground, we are already doing this. We are already changing the system. We’re working with government, but we’re not waiting for government. 

And, most importantly, we are focused not just on closing the gap – but preventing the gap from opening for the next generation.

Children’s Ground is investing in whole communities to shift the status quo from crisis and deficit to prevention and excellence. And, as evidenced in our early progress evaluation of Children’s Ground in Central Australia, we are making an impact against Closing the Gap outcomes. 

  • Children engaging in early learning in their First Language has improved children’s Cultural and Western learning and development outcomes. 
  • 82% of children (0-5 years) across four communities engaged in early years learning. Before Children’s Ground, only 14% had previously engaged in early learning. 
  • 89% of families reported that children’s physical and mental health improved through engagement with Children’s Ground
  • People who were living with chronic unemployment are now working: 84% were unemployed when they started at Children’s Ground.
  • Across all Children’s Ground areas, 481 First Nations people engaged in governance and decision-making for their families and communities (2014-2021) 

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