Download our In My Blood It Runs Discussion Guide. 

Children’s Ground are proud to have partnered with In My Blood it Runs to put together this Discussion Guide featuring discussion points and important information for screening the film.

The beautiful thing about watching a film with other people is the ability to discuss, self reflect, and share thoughts and experiences – which is
integral to promoting understanding and change.

Click here to download Children’s Ground Screening Guide 

Host a watch party of In My Blood It Runs. 

Bring together your friends, family or co-workers to fund-raise, while screening In My Blood It Runs.

You can be a part of important change by gathering in person or virtually and donating your ticket cost. All funds raised will contribute to Dujuan’s vision: to establish a school on his homeland.

In My Blood It Runs is screening for free on ABC iView until December 8th.

Learn more about hosting a watch party. 

Sign the petition demanding Aboriginal kids’ have the right to education in First Language and Culture. 

Too many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are failing in mainstream education in Australia – either because they cannot access education or because the education that is offered sets them up to fail.

Evidence points to the fact that kids learn better, and show improved academic achievement, when they are learning in their First Language and Culture, and when their learning process reflects their identity and worldview.

Sign the petition here. 

Learning one’s own language and culture is not a privilege: it is is a human right.  

Support Utyerre Apanpe: First Nations Educators Network.

Utyerre Apanpe (First Nations Educators’ Network) is an Initiative of Children’s Ground, leading National reform in education.

The network is led by Cultural Professors and senior educators from First Nations communities across the country. Together, hey are implementing a national strategy to improve the educational outcomes of First Nations children.

Learn more about Utyerre Apanpe