With the threat of a potential COVID-19 outbreak in Central Australia and the wider Northern Territory looming, Children’s Ground has been working with local First Nations communities to prepare for this crisis. The creation of information packs and health resources is just one aspect of this support, ensuring families are equipped with the information and communications tools to keep themselves safe.

See below for a series of A3 posters we have created with Arrernte families. Please download, print and display in your homes or distribute to local families you are connected with.

Families can also contact Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe (Children’s Ground – Central Australia) to arrange the collection of printed and laminated posters from our Central Hub in Alice Springs: 0418 512 277

We will continue to update these resources as more requests from families come through and as updated health information becomes available.

Please contact ashleigh.steel@childrensground.org.au for any Communications enquiries or requests for materials.

You can support our response efforts here, enabling First Nations communities in the NT to prepare for COVID-19.

Click on the poster below to access high resolution file. Then right click ‘save image as’ to download.