Money raised will go directly to supporting the transmission of cultural knowledge

What will your donation support in practice? 

First Nations led: 

  • Knowledge transmission from Elders  
  • On Country learning sessions weekly 
  • Creative and cultural wellbeing integrated into all learning activities  
  • The development of educational resources in First Language and culture: see our books and app 
  • Employment for over 40 First Nations people that recognizes and celebrates culture 

Protecting, strengthening and revitalizing language and culture across 9 communities. Help us bring cultural learning to children and continue to celebrate the oldest living culture in the world. 


“In First Nations societies, creativity, art, music and dance all form part of and are interconnected with culture. All our learning outcomes connect to culture and creativity, so our children can grow up with a strong identity rooted in our stories, songs, kinship and law.” 

– Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe Governance Committee – Children’s Ground Central Australia 

$3,430.50 donated of $100,000.00 goal