Sophie and AJ’s Wedding

    Ariel Jacobson and Sophie Harris invite you to share their vision and walk alongside Children’s Ground.

    In lieu of wedding gifts, they are asking you consider a donation to Children’s Ground, a First Nations owned and operated Not-For-Profit organisation.

    Children’s Ground works in communities in the Top End and Central Australia where they have been invited by Traditional Owners, Elders and families through a rigorous community engagement process.

    The Children’s Ground Approach includes place based delivery of services in communities across five areas:

    1. Education
    2. Family Health
    3. Economic development
    4. Cultural Development
    5. Community Development and wellbeing

    Children’s Ground is implementing and evidencing an alternative approach to systems of education, health and employment that is holistic, integrated and culturally safe.

    One that is designed, delivered and evaluated by the people services seek to support in each community – First Nations children, families and communities.

    The Approach was designed by First Nations people for First Nations people in the Northern Territory, with further design and local adaptation occurring with each community that has requested and leads Children’s Ground.

    It is a 25-year intergenerational approach that starts with children pre-birth to eight years.

    All contributions in lieu of wedding gifts will directly support the Children’s Ground Economic development platform.

    This platform ensures First Nations people have access to culturally safe employment and enterprise opportunities, in communities where intergenerational unemployment is the norm and most young adults have not finished school.

    $8,500.00 donated
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