This Reconciliation Week, be a part of lasting change.

This National Reconciliation Week we invite you to walk with Children’s Ground towards a new future for First Nations children, families and communities. Reconciliation must be about more than words – it has to be action, justice and change.  

At Children’s Ground, we are making this a reality through: 

  • Supporting First Nations communities to design, deliver and implement their own education system, in their First Language and culture

  • Walking alongside entire communities for 25 years: we are not a short-term or ‘quick fix’ approach

  • Advocating for changes to the systems that are not working for First Nations people

  • Providing a platform for First Nations people to have their voices and opinions heard 

      You can take action by supporting Children’s Ground to continue this vital work in communities with the most disadvantage.

      Donate below, or register your school or group to fundraise for Children’s Ground during Reconciliation Week.

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