By supporting Children’s Ground achieve its evidence-based mission to effect community, systemic and societal intergenerational change, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and communities have a better chance at achieving social, cultural, political, and economic wellbeing.

  • Children’s Ground has a 25-year strategy for change within communities and across the system. Children’s Ground knows that change will take time, so it walks alongside each child for an entire generation
  • Children’s Ground is not a ‘quick fix’ or program-based model: Children’s Ground is focused on outcomes
  • Children’s Ground invests in prevention, rather than crisis
  • Children’s Ground is collecting an evidence base to influence systemic change at a national level
  • Children’s Ground two-tiered governance system places equal emphasis on First Nations governance and Western corporate governance structures
  • Children’s Ground is not simply working towards changing the lives of the communities Children’s Ground works with changing the systems that have failed First Nations people since colonisation through practice leadership and evidence
  • Children’s Ground is designed, delivered, and led locally. Children’s Ground is placed based – meaning that Children’s Ground is part of community life (not a service to but delivered by and within)
  • Each community has agency and control over Children’s Ground. Children’s Ground is governed in its operations by the local community and Traditional Owners.
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