Children’s Ground are reaching out for your support in bringing education to First Nations children in the NT – on country, in the communities where they live.

Hi lovely friends and family.

First I would like to acknowledge and honour First Nations peoples, paying respects to Elders past, present and emerging as custodians of this land.

I have been searching for somewhere/ something I can do create a little change or difference for communities who are, have been and continue to need assistance.

As this year is my third year studying teaching, and education to rural/ remote Australia is something I am deeply passionate about I have decided to create this fundraiser in the hopes of raising money for Children’s Ground which is an amazing service committed to creating real opportunity for Aboriginal communities, rather than simply providing charity.
Led by Cultural Professors and senior educators from First Nations communities across the country, they are implementing a national strategy to improve the educational outcomes of First Nations children.

Their focus areas are
Learning and Wellbeing for First nations children
Family Health and Wellbeing
Economic Development and Wellbeing
Community Development and Wellbeing
Create and Cultural Development and Wellbeing

A donation by you, however big or small would contribute to funding for education, health and many other much needed necessities for Indigenous children that aren’t as easily granted to them as they are to you and I.

If you are unable to make a donation, please support these communities by watching the film ‘In My Blood it Runs’.
This is an amazing documentary directed by Maya Newell.
A film that shines light on how the Australian education system is failing Indigenous children, watches as a family fight to protect their children’s own Arrernte education and highlights an urgent need to lower the criminal responsibility age of children in Australia.

Anything you can do, be it educate yourself a little on the topic or donate to the wonderful organisation is deeply appreciated.

Lots of love

$346.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal