A First Nations education movement is happening right now. We need your support. It is about celebrating First Nations educations systems. It is about protecting the identity and rights of children to access education in their own language and culture. It is about ensuring the very best for children who want to succeed in all walks of life.

Children’s Ground is a proud partner of In My Blood it Runs, a film by acclaimed Director Maya Newell, Dujuan Hoosan and his families. The film highlights the failings of the current education system for First Nations children.

The Arrernte/Garrwa star of the documentary, Dujuan Hoosan became the youngest person ever to address the United Nations Human Rights Council speaking on the right of First Nations children.

Children’s Ground is leading the way in implementing First Nations led education. Your donation will support us to establish a school in Dujuan’s homelands, Mpweringke Anapipe, in the Northern Territory. The elders of these lands have been requesting a school be established for many years. Your funding will allow this vision to become a reality.


First Nations educational practices are leading world practice yet Australia is 30 years behind the rest of the world in recognising and ensuring First Nations people’s rights to lead their own educational systems. This right is recognised in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Article 14 as well as by United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO have long promoted the international standards for education and the primary importance of culture in learning and development.

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When taught first in their own languages, children learn better, are more self-confident and transfer their literacy and numeracy skills to additional languages. Children who start formal education in a second or foreign language are much more likely to experience frustration and failure, resulting in higher dropout rates for these children.”

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  • the wages of teachers (Arrernte and Western educators) who educate children on their homelands, on their country and surrounded by family.
  • the realisation of the dream to build a school at Mpweringke Anapipe (Dujuan’s homelands)
  • curriculum design, development and teaching materials for primary school aged children in Arrernte 
  • national meeting of Utyerre Apanpe: The First Nations Education Network

Children’s Ground is also supporting Utyerre Apanpe: The First Nations Education Network  is leading a national reform to achieve First Nations led Education Utyerre Apanpe: First Nations Education Network . First Nations Cultural Professors and senior educators from communities across the country are leading this reform.