Help Our Communities Prepare for COVID-19

We need your help: In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, our work at Children’s Ground is more important than ever. We are working with Aboriginal communities in the NT – the most vulnerable populations in Australia right now. We are led by the community, and community are asking for help to prepare for this crisis.

Your support will help us obtain and deliver critical household items, create COVID-19 information packages in language and create family health plans. We are also developing learning plans so families can continue educating their children without risk of infection.

As always, we are led by families and communities and are doing everything we can to keep people safe. Please support us.

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Education for All

Children’s Ground, a proud partner of In My Blood It Runs, is responding to the failings of the education system for First Nations children like Dujuan and leading the way in implementing First Nations-led education. Donate now to support the establishment of a school in Dujuan’s homelands, Mpweringke Anapipe, in the Northern Territory.

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