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Invest In Children's Ground

Invest in Children's Ground

Your investment today can change the life of a child, their family and community, forever.

Australia is home to a humanitarian crisis.

Your investment is an opportunity to pioneer dramatic, generational change that will set a benchmark for communities experiencing extreme disadvantage in Australia.

Children’s Ground seeks investors who:

  • Want to have a different conversation about the future for those in Australia experiencing the greatest disadvantage;
  • Have the courage to back ambitious  and innovative change that goes way beyond the current silo-driven, quick-fix approach; and
  • Who want to see their contribution and commitment achieve scale and impact in the long term.

Your investment today can change the life of a child, their family and a whole community, forever.

While we ideally are seeking three-year commitments, we value any contribution, for example:

  • $5,000:  Early Childhood and health education resources (designed to local culture and language)
  • $10,000:  Supports employment of elders as teachers and role models
  • $30,000:  Creative, cultural and sport after school program for 3 months promoting nutrition, fitness and health
  • $52,000 a year spent on every family, will bring high-quality learning, well-being and development into their children’s lives.

Your investment would have an immediate impact on the wellbeing, health and education of Aboriginal children and their families. You will enable children to access quality health and education opportunities, sport and recreation, creative arts and culture and gain skills to contribute to local and national economies.

We can deliver this right now. We have a track record of success, and a board with knowledge and experience who have succeeded in delivering against the biggest social agendas in Australia. What we are looking for is immediate investment to enable us to continue the work we are doing right now.

Your money will give us the opportunity to deliver a radical new approach. It will allow us to deliver the evidence to lead sector reform and break the cycle – to ensure that what we are doing will close the gap. Over time, philanthropic and private investment will be replaced with Government investment.

Children’s Ground has DGR, TCC tax status.


We would be delighted to have a conversation with you to talk about how we can work together to end extreme disadvantage. Please email below. 


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